Blue Cat Shaped Tea Bags


The must-have gift for cat and tea lovers alike. Add hot water to these lovely cat shaped tea bags and you will feel delighted with the flavorful tea filling up your tea cup. Perfect for birthday gifts or baby shower favors as well. You may also get these little treats just for yourself if you wish. Each tea bag is hand cut, hand filled and hand stitched with love, along with a lovely tag ready to offer.

We select the best teas for our shaped tea bags to offer you a delightful tea time. Our selection includes premium natural ingredients and flavors for your enjoyment - to drink without moderation.

* 5 tea bags included in the package
* Color of the thread is blue
* Various tea flavors to select from our list

"These are so cute! I purchased them as a gift and I was able to see them use it as well. It's such a small cute gift idea for those who love tea and what a special something when they enjoy a cup!" - Danielle

"If these are not the most adorable tea bags I have ever seen....thank you for making and selling these!!" - Corinne

"Very cute. I gave these as a gift and it was a hit!" - Vicky

"Very nice packaging indeed! Great Customer service and attention to clients! Thank you!" - Katya

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Photos by a_sad07, marrtux & rasa_visuals