Cat Tea + Sugar Box

21.50 USD

A must-have gift for cats and tea lovers alike. These darling cat sugar cubes & cat tea bags will dazzle and leave a paw print with your guests. You'll enjoy a great tea along with the cutest cat tea bags. Each tea bag is hand cut, hand filled and hand stitched with love, along with a lovely tag ready to offer.

This gift set is perfect for Valentine gifts, birthday gift, housewarming gifts, tea party favors, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and many more! You may also get those little treats just for you if you wish.

From the moment your sugar cubes and tea bags arrive the sheer quality will be obvious to you, no time or effort is spared in the production of a truly unique and delicious addition to your special occasion.

The box contains:
* 4 white cat sugar cubes (each sugar cube is slightly larger than 2 teaspoons of sugar)
* 10 cat shaped tea bags (color of the thread is pink)
* Various tea flavors to select from our list

"Commande personnalisée qui a fait son petit effet." - Cora

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