Heart Shaped Tea Bags Sampler

6.50 USD

Can't decide which tea flavor to go with your heart shaped tea bag? Try our sampler tea bags to get a taste of happiness (3 white heart tea bags per sampler).

Choose from 4 sampler options:
* Classic Tea Mix (1 Earl Grey, 1 English & 1 Green Tea)
* Floral Fruity Tea Mix (1 Berry White Tea, 1 Cherry Blossom Almond Tea & 1 Jasmine Tea)
* Christmas Tea Mix (1 Caramel Assam Tea, 1 Black Tea & 1 Christmas Tea)
* Organic Tea Mix (1 Violet Berry Tea, 1 Detox Lemon Tea , 1 Mango Pomegranate Rooibos)  

Each tea bag is hand cut, filled and stitched with love, along with a lovely tag ready to offer. Our tea selection includes premium natural ingredients and flavors for your enjoyment - to drink without moderation.

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Photos by teaprouk, handmadeglamour, vanja_lazic_ & mientoblog