Moon Shaped Tea Bags Sampler

6.50 USD

You will be over the moon with this moon tea bags sampler. Perfect tea time awaits you! (3 moon shaped tea bags per sampler).

Choose from 4 sampler options:
* Classic Tea Mix (1 Earl Grey, 1 English & 1 Green Tea)
* Floral Fruity Tea Mix (1 Berry White Tea, 1 Cherry Blossom Almond Tea & 1 Jasmine Tea)
* Christmas Tea Mix (1 Caramel Assam Tea, 1 Black Tea & 1 Christmas Tea)
* Organic Tea Mix (1 Violet Berry Tea, 1 Detox Lemon Tea , 1 Mango Pomegranate Rooibos)  

Each tea bag is hand cut, filled and stitched with love, along with a lovely tag ready to offer. Our tea selection includes premium natural ingredients and flavors for your enjoyment - to drink without moderation.

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Photos by anielskiezycie