5 Sea Turtle Shaped Tea Bags

8.75 USD

You will feel vicariously transported to the beach with these cute sea turtle tea bags during your tea time. Tea aficionado and sea lovers alike will enjoy these adorable tea bags. Or you could treat yourself to these lovely wonders. Each tea bag is hand cut, filled and stitched, along with a lovely tag ready to offer.

We select the best teas for our shaped tea bags to offer you a delightful tea time. Our selection include premium natural ingredients and flavors for your enjoyment - to drink without moderation.

* 5 tea bags included in the package
* Color of the thread is blue

"The little turtles are just adorable!" - Marja

"The best and cutest tea bags ever !!! 😍" - Orico

"Good! Love so much! - Jin

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Photos by thebellgarden & rezvaneh.bab